Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tagged: To Do List

Jennifer "tagged" me and I'm supposed to share 5 items on my to-do list...

1-mail care package to Mom & Dad (oh how I avoid the post office)
2-sweep & mop
3-buy Gwen new church shoes (I've colored in the scuff marks with a Sharpie for long enough)
4-visiting teaching
5-find the best deal on tickets to Hawaii for our week long, family trip to Kauai in May - WOOHOO!

Okay, I tag: Julie & Livy, my sisters, Sue, my caferio & cvillegals girls... let's just see who really reads this blog :).

1 comment:

kseal said...

Your blog gets read. On my to-do list is: research b-day party venues for my April babies, make dinner, make my bed, plan craft for tomorrow's playgroup, read my book. In that order.