Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I know it's the last thing you need - another blog to check! I just needed to consolidate and I love too many people! With 3 myfamily websites and 2 yahoogroups I just can't write often enough. And as we look at a move this summer we know we'll have a whole new group of friends and neighbors to keep up with. I hope you won't be disappointed by my plain-jane style - I'm not much of a writer but I love you all and hope this helps us stay a part of each other's lives regardless of the distances.


amyswensen said...

I too haven't set up a blog yet but I am getting closer to doing it! Cute pictures - do you know where you are miving this summer? I thought you were going to stay here? did I hear wrong? Hope you can!

Jennifer said...

Welcome to blogging. I'm happy to read family and friends blogs. I'll just put you on my google reader, it makes it so easy. Very cute pictures.

kseal said...

Yeah, MA. This is a fun way to keep up on the random tidbits that piece themselves together and call themselves "life". I'm excited to read your blog. I still can't believe that TX is nowhere on your match list. ;-)