Thursday, February 28, 2008

I want candy

Reese's Pieces

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Enstrom's Toffee

These are my favorites. I love them. I am in serious withdrawal. I fell prey to peer pressure and gave up candy for the whole of 2008. I really don't eat much candy so I figured it would be relatively easy for me. I made it through Valentines sans the traditional truffles fine, but when I passed the Easter display this week full of the mini cadbury eggs I started to drool. Since I won't be partaking, I thought I'd spread the word, just in case you need to branch out and try some new candy. These are good, real good.


Jennifer said...

I don't know if you are familiar with the Reese's Pastel Eggs. Same shape/size as the Cadbury Eggs. They are like really big Reese's Pieces. My friend introduced them to me last year. They are pretty tasty. You should try them next year if you haven't before. I bought the Cadbury and the Reese's eggs today. For Easter? No, for Friday night.

kseal said...

HA! You're such a sucker! ...nevermind the pun.

dinie said...

Hey MA...aren't you something for getting thru Vday! Easter has got to be the hardest altho passing up Enstroms anytime would be VERY hard for me. When are you going to give up this foolishness, er, I mean, how soon can we celebrate with a nice fresh box of Enstroms???

M-Ann said...

So much for moral support! Jennifer you are killing me with the Reeses Eggs and Kim I thought you considered the no candy year? I expect a nice big box of Enstroms next year for C'mas that I might share with others. The funny thing is that my intake of baked goods and ice cream has gone up significantly so I doubt there is any real health benefit. Just a good exercise in self restraint. I hope.

Melin said...

i'm glad you fell prey to peer-pressure. I was going a long just fine until I remembered the Easter reese's peanut butter eggs. Now I'm feeling the pain.