Thursday, February 21, 2008

Raw Meat

A few nights ago Ryan runs into the kitchen.
"What's for dinner?"
--meatball subs
--you've never had a meatball sub

Tonight he was helping me crush crackers to coat pork chops.
--Ryan, don't touch the raw meat
"Raw meat?!"

I love this kid.


kto1s said...

Really, is he the happiest kid or what?!?
Hooray for joining the blogging world! I adore each and every one of you!

Sue said...

Hi! Glad to see you blogging! I'm sooooo bummed you guys are moving soon. Are you sure Jared needs to do a residency? Couldn't you just stay here and sell real estate like everyone else? J/K

amyswensen said...

can I have that recipe for meatball subs - sounds delicious!

Jennifer said...

I love that kid too, he is so full of life. I love all your kids actually. They are great entertainment.

macesfaces said...

Okay, MA any news on the residency front??? We are waiting for you back here! I love the pictures of the kids! SUPPER CUTE!! By the way, update my blog address, I changed it to macesfaces, the one you have listed, I don't update! I had troubles in the beginning!! Anyway, hopefully you are enjoying life! We miss you out here. Hopefully we will see you soon!

Emily said...

Who DOESN'T like raw meat??! Haha - that kid is hilarious!

I saw your blog from Suzanne's - you guys are moving?? That's a real "quitter" thing to do, you know. :)

M-Ann said...

Moving...yes, probably in June. We'll find out in March where but it's looking like North Carolina, Delaware or Virginia.