Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rank List

Our rank list for residency is in and certified. After weeks and weeks of jostling, we've settled on a list that we feel great about. Now, we just want to know which program feels great about us? March 20th we'll find out.
#1 - Charlotte, NC
#2 - UNC (Raleigh-Durham), NC
#3 - UVA (Charlottesville), VA
#4 - Salt Lake City, UT
#5 - Tucson, AZ
#6 - Delaware
#7 - Denver
#8 - Norfolk, VA
#9 - Phoenix, AZ
#10 - Pittsburgh, PA


kto1s said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! You MUST have mistyped that #4 by Salt Lake--didn't you mean #1? I can make a quick call to fix the honest little mistake;)
Really, so happy for you guys to have the peace of mind that comes in just getting that list in! I'm so excited for Match Day to roll around for you guys. Way to go on 4 great years in med school.

carrie said...

Ouch - #7 is Denver?

COME ON MAN! I thought we were going to hang out during the day...didn't that factor into the decision?

Good luck! March 20th is my wedding maybe that will sway things to denver after all.

Allen Family said...

It's really here, eh? You guys will make the most of wherever you go and it will be fun.

I liked your answers to our little questionaire. :-) We were laughing so hard coming up with that. Jackie left off one of my questions, which was: Other than yours, whose husband in the ward do you find most attractive. :-) I would have put someone like Cleon Anderson.

amyswensen said...

It is for sure now! It is crazy that the time is already here! We are happy for you but sad to see you guys leave!

Becky said...

You must have forgotten that I live in Denver now, or I'm sure it would have been MUCH higher on your list! Good luck! What's his specialty?

M-Ann said...

I know, I know. We certainly did not keep everyone happy with this list. We thought about opening it up to friends & family and seeing what special "perks" each would offer to go along with their locations. He is doing Emergency Medicine. Denver has an awesome em program and we would love to live there close to family and friends, but we decided to try to get back East...

Melin said...

I can't believe delaware is 6! I mean, its butt-ugly and weird...what else are you looking for?!

T said...

I knew back east was your first pick but I will be SOOOO sad when you move!!!!!!! I am praying the Lord has a different plan for you and it includes staying is the great SLC!