Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birthday Boy

Noah has been asking for a skate board for 6 months.
He has a nice dad.

This is his "castle" cake.

One of his new dress-up outfits.

Noah has the most active imagination of any kid I know.

He loves to cuddle and will still take a nap with me on occasion.

He is a superhero or a cowboy or Super Mario or Aladdin or a pirate at any given moment.

He can quote lines from movies he saw six months ago - and tell you exactly what his favorite character was wearing, down to the color of socks.

He is a sweet big brother - currently he's potty training Ryan: "Do you have to go potty Ryan?" "Don't lie because you want to watch this show." "Don't pee in my underwear!" "Okay, we are turning the show off and we'll come back after you go potty."

He graduated from speech last month with flying tolors.

When we move, he is building a zip line from our new house into our new pool.

Happy 5th Birthday buddy.


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday to Noah. He is such a wonderful kid. I love his super imagination. That cake is great, good job.

carrie said...

Holy Cow. Did you MAKE that cake? I am so impressed...

Emily said...

He's so cute! I love that he's out skateboarding on the snow-covered deck! He's already a die-hard!

Melin said...

that was great. what a cute little guy.

Sue said...

Noah is the best boy. Happy b-day to you, cutie pie!