Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rank List

Our rank list for residency is in and certified. After weeks and weeks of jostling, we've settled on a list that we feel great about. Now, we just want to know which program feels great about us? March 20th we'll find out.
#1 - Charlotte, NC
#2 - UNC (Raleigh-Durham), NC
#3 - UVA (Charlottesville), VA
#4 - Salt Lake City, UT
#5 - Tucson, AZ
#6 - Delaware
#7 - Denver
#8 - Norfolk, VA
#9 - Phoenix, AZ
#10 - Pittsburgh, PA

I want candy

Reese's Pieces

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Enstrom's Toffee

These are my favorites. I love them. I am in serious withdrawal. I fell prey to peer pressure and gave up candy for the whole of 2008. I really don't eat much candy so I figured it would be relatively easy for me. I made it through Valentines sans the traditional truffles fine, but when I passed the Easter display this week full of the mini cadbury eggs I started to drool. Since I won't be partaking, I thought I'd spread the word, just in case you need to branch out and try some new candy. These are good, real good.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birthday Boy

Noah has been asking for a skate board for 6 months.
He has a nice dad.

This is his "castle" cake.

One of his new dress-up outfits.

Noah has the most active imagination of any kid I know.

He loves to cuddle and will still take a nap with me on occasion.

He is a superhero or a cowboy or Super Mario or Aladdin or a pirate at any given moment.

He can quote lines from movies he saw six months ago - and tell you exactly what his favorite character was wearing, down to the color of socks.

He is a sweet big brother - currently he's potty training Ryan: "Do you have to go potty Ryan?" "Don't lie because you want to watch this show." "Don't pee in my underwear!" "Okay, we are turning the show off and we'll come back after you go potty."

He graduated from speech last month with flying tolors.

When we move, he is building a zip line from our new house into our new pool.

Happy 5th Birthday buddy.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Raw Meat

A few nights ago Ryan runs into the kitchen.
"What's for dinner?"
--meatball subs
--you've never had a meatball sub

Tonight he was helping me crush crackers to coat pork chops.
--Ryan, don't touch the raw meat
"Raw meat?!"

I love this kid.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I know it's the last thing you need - another blog to check! I just needed to consolidate and I love too many people! With 3 myfamily websites and 2 yahoogroups I just can't write often enough. And as we look at a move this summer we know we'll have a whole new group of friends and neighbors to keep up with. I hope you won't be disappointed by my plain-jane style - I'm not much of a writer but I love you all and hope this helps us stay a part of each other's lives regardless of the distances.