Friday, December 19, 2008

She Lives

Wow. I feel human today for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks. First it started with THE WORST head cold known to man. I rarely get sick and this one was so wicked. From clogged ears to hacking coughs - we are finally at the end. The school nurse can't call me anymore to tell me my kids are coughing (duh) because Christmas vacation begins today - yippee? What are we going to do for 2 weeks here in tiny Gordonsville? Oh, how we'd all love a day at the children's museum or to have some friends to hang out with.

So the cold that started around Thanksgiving is finally gone and it is ... Christmas - already? How on earth. Well, I guess part of my month was lost due to GRACIE.

World's cutest, sweetest baby. After being a week late (nasty trick for such a sweet girl) she arrived on December 7th. Everything went fine despite my crazy anxiety. I'm so grateful for Jared and his patience and reassurance and his mad labor coaching skills - he's totally in the wrong profession (something we say quite often around here) he really should have been a doula.

I was supposed to be in charge of the Relief Society Christmas dinner the Friday after Grace was born but thanks to her late arrival I had to turn it all over to my awesome committee who I can not thank enough. I am not one to easily relinquish control (I know, you're all shocked) and it was a humbling experience to be forced to accept the service of others.

When I thought I was ready to feel human again I spiked a crazy fever. 103.5 to be exact and had another anxiety attack over going to the doctor. I am terrified of visiting the doctor - I HATE it. A little ironic considering my husband's choice of profession. The only time I go to the doctor is when I'm pregnant. I struggle just being inside a hosptial (although the many hours I've hung out with my Dad in the hospital over the past few years have helped me be more normal about hosptials) but I still bargain with the doctors everytime I have a baby to let me go home asap. Anyway, I did go to the doctor who had no ideas about the fever. Luckily it went away after a couple days and now I think it's safe to say - I feel like a real person!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I learned the other day that what I do is called blog barf. I don't post for days and days and then I post 2 or 3 at once. I have a number of posts floating around in my head, but I think I'll combine them into a list of random thoughts instead:

For a confidence booster, post pictures of yourself and tell everyone you are pregnant and hormonal. Thanks for all the compliments. I still probably will not display any of the pics in a prominent spot in my home, but you sure made me feel good.

Jared thinks everyone should know about this new study. It's just bugging me that now instead of excuse me, he says things like "you don't have to thank me, but I may have just lowered your cholesterol." Sometimes I wonder...

Today my kids got a sick day. Noah vomited this morning, but I could tell he wasn't really sick. None the less, he got the day off and Gwen somehow coaxed me into letting her stay home too. I think they just needed the day to play at home together. They played playmobil people and dress-ups all day long.

My friend posted this on her blog recently and I can't stop thinking about how true it is and how I feel very much like this lately and also how much I like this friend:

Then this morning, as I was laying in bed, so uncomfortable in my 3rd trimester self, Mm's came in and snuggled up in my face, Bears snuggled up in the bend of my legs, d.d. wedged himself between Mms and I and little C came along for a snuggle under my arm I thought of something we read yesterday from the Velveteen Rabbit about becoming Real...

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't often happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

So I guess I should thank the kids for what they've done for my spirit. And worry less about what they've done to my boobs.

I was talking to my sister the other day (something I don't do often enough) and she said she doesn't read blogs at all - not even mine. She said they read too much like never-ending, braggy Christmas cards. She told me to blog about real things, so I've been thinking on that.

This sister does facebook and I do not and she was trying to sell me on the merits of facebook. It's one of those things like Harry Potter and the Twilight books that I just can't make myself do. I don't know why. Although, I *may* read Twilight this week so I can go to the movie with the very cool ladies in my ward who I am trying to get to know.

What I really want to do this week is HAVE A BABY but it isn't likely. I am 38 weeks now and Jared is threatening to spike my smoothies with castor oil. I have had a great pregnancy, but I'm all done being pregnant now. Why does it always happen that you feel this way 2 weeks too early?

We are having a moratorium on fun at house. Our kids are so ornery lately, plain spoiled rotten. On a recent outing someone was heard to say, "I'll ONLY eat at the pizza restaurant if I can get soda" and there is all manner of whining and grouchiness. We think it's a case of too much fun and too many treats. So we are reigning in the fun. Don't come over and try to bring any fun or any sugar (unless it's for me - we adults are staying up late and eating treats and have a grand time).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The nursery

If you haven't seen this room in person, it's hard to describe. It's the size a walk-in closet but it has two windows and little closet, so it "counts" as a bedroom.

Check out the door - glass? It's textured with a cool design on the backside, but it has old red paint on it that I haven't scraped out yet. Gwen's bedroom door is similar - why do you think they put them in? I can't figure it out, but they look cool.

What goes around, comes around

In the past couple years, I have given all my baby girl things away to friends. I worried a little that I would have another girl and that I would regret it but I thought it was stupid to hold on to something that someone else could use and I banked on finding more hand-me-downs if the day ever came that I needed them. Without the sale of our house in UT, we are more strapped for $$ than we'd like and I started to stress a few weeks ago about having to spend money on the things I once gave away. Lucky for me, WHAT GOES AROUND REALLY DOES COME BACK AROUND and I have been the recipient of SO many darling baby girl clothes. I washed the first batch yesterday - these are only the 0-3 mo size - I have 3 more boxes of bigger sizes.

I know it's just a little thing and we weren't headed to the poor house if we had to buy baby clothes, but sometimes it's the little things that let me know I'm loved and watched over.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Family Pictures

While we were in Utah for G'ma & G'pa Pelo's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration (which was such a fun party, I didn't take any pictures. Hopefully, someone else did and I can do a post on it sometime soon) we took family pictures with the whole Pelo crew. We have never been able to afford to have family pics taken by a "real" photographer so I should have been really excited. I tried to be a good sport about it - until we got to view them online last week. Every time I scroll through them I waiver between laughter and tears. Don't get me wrong, he's a great photographer and the pics are beautiful - which is what makes me so sad! Some of you have requested a belly shot or two of my prego self. Well - here you go:

Our little fam

Grownups only

The big fam - You would think that with THIS many people in a picture - the belly could have easily been hidden... Oh, and the chick in the front row with the orange make-up & false eyelashes is a body double for a cousin on a mission - ballroom dancer or something? And no, that is not Jared standing behind me - he's waaaay over on the other side of the group.

Oh well, in the end it is mostly funny - except when you're pregnant and sort of teary.

Halloween Pics

A cowboy riding his horse

Prince Caspien

And a fairy

This was the first year we could convince our kids to touch the pumpkin guts.

Not an especially flattering pic of the uncles & G'pa Mike, but I thought they looked cute all squished on the couch together. We had a fun party - even Great G'pa & G'ma dropped in for some soup & bread. Christen got it right when she said the highlight of the night was when our screen door jammed shut and the trick or treaters had to wait for a LONG time while I tried unsuccessfully to pop it open with a screwdriver.

And it wouldn't be Halloween without Witch's Brew. We were proud of G'ma Dinie this year, the only adult to dress up - she makes a cute pumpkin.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On voting

The kids were out of school today for election day so I took them with me to the town hall to vote. Only a 5 minute wait which we were all very grateful for. On the way out, Noah started to skip and sing "I hope Oback Barama wins! I hope Oback Barama wins!" and for a tiny town hall, it's got quite an echo.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amazement Sqaure

Last week the kids had a day off from school and we took a little field trip. I remembered about this children's museum in Lynchburg - Amazement Square - and it did not disappoint. Well worth the long drive.

Besides the slides and nets and ladders that span the 4 floors of the museum (for the kids to use instead of stairs), I think this is the coolest part of the museum - the paint box. Strip off the socks & shoes and a paint free for all (almost, the one rule is no painting other kids).

Gwen & Noah spent forever in the human body exhibit playing doctor.

I was making the coolest stained glass pictures, but my helpers would never cooperate and fill it up like I wanted. Maybe I need a trip to the museum alone sometime.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I have all sorts of things to blog about: fall weather, politics, how pregnant I am feeling, cute kids and crazy residency but instead I found this to share:I stole it from a blog I read LDS Media Talk - this is what you get when you enter the full text from General Conference into Wordle. The size of the text is determined by how often that word was used. I like it. And I want to play around on that website.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I forgive you

Tonight while I was reading aloud to the kids, Ry found my scripture case and my stash of "Sunday mints." He tried to sneak one after I told him no and got sent to his room. When I came up to tuck him in he looked very triumphant and said, "Mom - I forgive you!" When I tried to explain how he was mixed up and he meant to say "I'm sorry" he refused to relent and stuck with "I forgive you."

I'm afraid he does have quite a lot to forgive me for, so I quit trying to persuade him and graciously accepted his forgiveness.
My camera cord was lost for a few weeks, so a few pics from the past month:

My kitchen is now complete - the corner shelves are in and I like them. It was a debate between a closed in pantry, extending the cabinet & counter or open shelves. I was always for the open - I just knew I didn't want to close off that corner and while I was unsure, I'm quite pleased with the end result. Now if I could only find enough energy to cook more than fish sticks and mac 'n cheese...

Noah and a cute classmate at the apple orchard.

We went to a "fiber festival" (and no, not the whole wheat kind) last weekend and it was SO cool. This kid LOVED the sheep, alpacas and rabbits - it was all we could do keep him out of their cages. They had the most gorgeous yarns you have ever seen. I left inspired to buy a couple sheep and learn to spin and knit.


We have a friend who tells of his miracle pants - the ones that fit him season after season during a period of financial difficulty for his family while he was a kid. Well, these shoes have been our miracle shoes. Gwen wore these shoes for well over a year, while she out grew many other pairs of shoes, these hung around. Not only did they fit for an unusually long period of time, but they stayed it tip-top shape - nothing is frayed, scuffed or stained. It was a sad day last month when she put them on and tried to walk downstairs only to find that her little toes were being squished. Now, I don't know that these shoes really qualify as true "miracle shoes" in the same class as the above mentioned pants, but they are darn good kids shoes. Comfy, cute, and you can run and jump and climb in them (there is nothing I hate more than little girls shoes that aren't made for play). So keep your eye on the sale rack at REI for Keen's Targhee. Our only regret is that they are pink... do you think Noah will mind?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Calling All Bookworms

One gift our kids can count on each Christmas and birthday is a book from Mom & Dad. I usually have a list of titles for each one, but this year I haven't come up with anything great - yet. So share, what are your favorite children's books this year?

To be fair, here are a few of our favs:

Currently, Gwen is devouring the Disney Fairy books. She came inside the other day absolutely enraged because Noah was in the back yard singing "I don't believe in fairies" - do they send little brothers with secret pocket manuals with instructions on how best to torment big sisters?!

My new stroller

I'm extremely pleased. Giddy. I asked many of you for your top picks for you favorite all-purpose, lightweight stroller and while no one actually suggested this stroller - it was the perfect blend of features that everyone loves. We have a couple old double joggers but don't own a "regular" stroller anymore. Plus, I found a used one in fabulous condition on craigslist! If you have 3 minutes to watch the video, you'll be excited for me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old Favorites

We've done a few things lately that bring back lots of memories of old friends. To most of you these won't mean anything, but some of you will remember...

  • Apple picking at Carter's Mountain (Okay, so they didn't have any apple donuts and it was too early for the cider to be ready - I was a bit disappointed, but I was there chaperoning Noah's class field trip. We have to go back soon with the whole fam because I forgot all about the walking trail there).
  • Hiking to White Oak Falls (We hope to do this one again in another week or two when the leaves should be perfect - and we'll remember our camera next time)
  • Friday's After Five (Christian's pizza, a little dancing to the live band and Arch's fro yo to top of the night, yum)
  • The Lollipop Shop (I missed the opening weekend. I don't think it would have been near as fun to sit on the sidewalk alone to wait for them to open the door anyway. But, I got a great deal on a crib set - 30% off day!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Tribute

I started to write a little tribute to JP - birthday boy of 32 years, but instead decided that a photo tribute would be much more fitting for him. So here he is through the years - I love this guy! Happy Birthday babe - you are the best.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Call Night

After the dishes are done and the floors are swept, what am I to do with myself every third night while Jared parties it up at the hospital on the peds surg floor? Among other things (I promise, there are others) I waste time on the internet. However, recently I've stumbled upon a few websites and blogs really worth reading and passing on. I am impressed with how many people have taken Elder Ballard's challenge to use new media to get more accurate info on mormons on the web. I love that a youtube clip of Elder Holland was the #1 result when you searched "mormon" on youtube for a while this summer - you should watch it if you haven't already seen it.

Here are some blogs to check out:

This is the More Good Foundation which provides a non-authoritative voice on the LDS church. I like that they say this on their website - "Some people want to learn about the Church, but not from the Church. It's not hard to believe. When shopping on, do you pay more attention to the publisher's review or the users' reviews? Do you shop for the best-in-class car by researching or a user forum that discusses all makes and models?" They also have a blog that is for "online member missionaries".

If you use google reader or some other rss reader, this is a great feed to subscribe to. It adds a talk every week or so from BYU devotionals or Women's Conference, etc... that you can listen to directly from your reader.

This blog has to do with "sharing technology ideas for LDS parents & youth" and it has all sorts of interesting posts plus the blogroll has links to other interesting LDS blogs.

This one can be a bit technical and some posts are over my head, but I've learned all sorts of cool things from his posts.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Day

What a rainy day! We have a small pond in our backyard thanks to tropical storm Hanna. Sometimes a rainy day is just what the doctor ordered (not necessarily our doctor - he would never order rain) but I would.
Today was one of those days that puts me to bed with a happy contentedness that can only come from spending the day with my family. It was almost perfect, but Jared is on call so he missed both the rain and the blissful day of rainy day activities. We watched Saturday morning cartoons, cuddled in the living room and read Narnia, played dress up and Barbies, spent hours playing play-doh with G'ma Dinie who came over to share in our rainy day festivities, and watched Pollyanna before tucking everyone in to bed without any huge incidents or drama.
I've struggled with school starting again, wondering if I'm making the right decision to send my little ones away from me for so much of the day and I really needed a day to snuggle and play and just be together. I'm sure that after we enjoy another full day together tomorrow, I will be less sad to see the school bus come Monday morning.

Saturday, August 23, 2008